Loan Management System

An American leading marketplace lender that provides instant loans for borrowers.
Business challenge
The client was looking to grow their business and stand out in the industry, but their limited technology hindered the ability to maintain a competitive advantage and credibility among clientele. Hence, they contacted Armada Labs to leverage our latest technologies, deep lending software development expertise, and end-to-end lending software solutions to streamline customer acquisition.
Project key facts
  • The U.S. market and Europe
  • Web application
2 years
Microfinance Lending-as-a-Service
Software Development Model

Armada Labs was challenged to match cutting-edge technological advancements with high standards of security and compliance to provide the best user experience in a web application.
12 Developers
3 QA Engineers
2 Business Analysts
1 Project Manager
Technology Stack
Front-end: Angular, Vue.js, HTML
Database server: MSSQL
Cloud Solution: AWS
Back-end: ASP.NET Core 3.0, Entity Framework Core, Quartz.NET, .Net Framework, MediatR, SignalR, SSRS


Armada Labs delivered full-scale automation of all aspects of the loan management system, eliminating human error and paperwork, while the capacity of a lending core system was doubled.

  1. Seamless payment processing

    We implemented our own toolkit of payment processing solutions to increase the speed and scalability of transactions made through the system.

  2. Smart underwriting

    Our team designed and deployed smart underwriting models, based on the combination of Machine Learning and alternative data sources, to facilitate decision-making with enhanced analytics and AI-driven multi-dimensional risk scoring.

  3. Security and compliance

    The solution excluded considerable complexity, costs, and risks associated with implementing and maintaining the security software for PCI DSS and KYC/AML validation.

  4. Omnichannel communication

    Our team harnessed the benefits of speech recognition and natural language processing to equip the online loan management system with user-friendly conversational interfaces.

Distinctive features
  • e-Connect loan application procedure
  • Seamless payments acceptance
  • Automated underwriting
  • PCI DSS, KYC/AML compliance
  • AI-based de-risking
  • Amazon Lex chatbots
  • Amazon Alexa voice service

Business benefits

Customer engagement rate


Completed transactions


Organic leads


Revenue stream


System operational capacity


The average number of loans

Armada Labs created a user-friendly web app, meeting the high standards set out under its initial requirements. In addition to taking time to understand the specifics of the targeted industry, their team provided an exceptionally organized scope of work and schedule. The whole process was seamless.

COO, Financial Services Firm

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