Digital Lending Software and Alternative Financing Tools.

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For commercial and mortgage banks, online lending and finance companies, and trading unions, Armada Labs develops and implements alternative lending software solutions that efficiently manage complex risk calculations and rationalize operational costs while demonstrating financial and security compliance.
Unleash your business potential with Financial technology
Create your state-of-the-art, secure and compliant fintech solution to beat the competition and power up your business processes.
Digital Loan Management Software
Traditional loan processing involves multiple lending institutions, which makes every application grueling. Time is of the essence in this fast-paced market, and online loan management systems are designed to answer its dynamic demands. Process automation, frictionless integration with in-house software, and a wide range of SaaS loan types — all to ensure the unmatched quality of your customer service.
Loan management software for personal loans
Peer-to-peer loans
Build a p2p software for direct “lender-borrower” loan origination with instant loan provision, better cash savings, lower origination fees, and more flexible repayment terms.
Installment loans
Provide the option of scheduled loan payments, with automated and accurate calculation of regular loan fees and interest to repay.
Payday loans
Ensure fast and reliant credit checks for short-term loan applicants, with automated tools that make predictions based on their credit history.
Mortgage alternatives
Get a sound way to settle real estate debts; providing alternative home loans guarantees you the ownership of a secured property if the borrower fails to meet obligations.
Credit unions
Establish an online infrastructure for credit unions, preserving lower credit rates, more “lenient” risk evaluation, personal credit assistance, and more.
Car loans
Back your borrowers purchasing a vehicle with alternative business loans! The car serves as collateral, and the borrower benefits from free road tax, servicing, and other perks.
Loan servicing for business loans
SME business loans
Give startups a financial boost for quick launch or cover daily expenses for SMEs, using AI-based credit scoring tools. Compliant with KYC, GDPR, and local laws.
Cash advance
Fund enterprises within 48 hours or less without strict credit requirements or funding limitations; remittances are deducted automatically.
Equipment financing
Provide an alternative financing source for companies acquiring mission-critical equipment; tax advantages, improved ROE, and industrial leases are included.
Invoice financing
Allow businesses to get immediate credit based on their invoices’ value, with extendable payment terms and a simple qualification procedure.
Speed up financing for companies at the early stages of development by offering the crowdfunding option, requiring no upfront fees.
Real estate loans
Arrange prompt and incorruptible lending for commercial real estate with adjustable loan terms, simple loan application, and fast closings.
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Transform Your Industry With Digital Lending

Online lending

At your request, we will power up your enterprise with the right technological base, guaranteeing swift operation at each stage of the alternative lending cycle. Whether it’s credit scoring, loan reporting, debt collection, or compliance check — we apply automation tools to each.

Marketplace lending

For you, we will design and launch a turnkey white label lending platform for peer-to-peer lending across individuals and businesses. Using the best security, development, and QA practices, we will build a full-scale, custom SaaS marketplace lending platform and deploy it on-premise or on a cloud server.

Healthcare financing

Cater to individual healthcare loan needs with our lending software development services. We dedicate the knowledge and expertise delivering alternative health financing solutions for hospitals, ambulance surgery centers, medical offices, and other healthcare providers, with services covering business loans, equity loans, consumer loans, and more.

POS lending

Leave paperwork in the past by leveraging the benefits of our automated point-of-sale lending platform, delivering a seamless experience across online and in-store touchpoints. You can also integrate the solution with any third-party POS system, such as Shopify POS, Square POS, Lightspeed POS, and others, without interrupting the operation.

Smart underwriting

Get an automated underwriting solution that uses data derived from borrowers’ credit history to help you make the right, meaningful credit decisions.

Internal credit scoring

Internal scorecard algorithms process a borrower’s data, like age, occupation, and more, to assess their solvency. Based on the historical and behavioral data, the solution provides relevant credit recommendations upon their next application.

External credit scoring

Do you lack data for a comprehensive credit audit? Integrate the system with external systems, like third-party credit bureaus, banks, or accounting departments, to enrich your insights so that you could make even more informed credit decisions.

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