Online Negotiator of Healthcare Reimbursement

Healthcare providers, clinics, hospitals, urgent care centers.
Business challenge

In the U.S. alone, up to 64% of patients avoid proper medical care, citing tremendous, out-of-pocket costs and unmanageable deductibles as the main reasons to reject healthcare services. Meanwhile, 1/3 of the healthcare providers suffer millions of losses from unresolved patient liability that continues to accelerate, leaving a gap of 68% of the unpaid balances.

The industry urges for smart and easy health plan management software, which leverages the latest technology innovations to improve medication adherence and give caregivers peace of mind.

Project key facts
  • The U.S. market, global healthcare sector
  • Web application
1 year
Finance and Healthcare
Software Development Model

Armada Labs was tasked to find an elegant solution that answers the needs of both healthcare providers and patients, looking for affordable, instant, and secure healthcare reimbursement plans.
5 Developers
2 QA Engineers
1 Business Analysts
1 Scrum Master
Technology Stack
Front-end: Angular, Vue.js, HTML, CSS
Database server: MSSQL
Cloud solution: AWS
Back-end: ASP.NET Core 2.1, Entity Framework Core, Quartz.NET, Ext.NET .Net Framework, CQRS, MediatR, SignalR


Armada Labs developed Health.Finance, a mobile-first payment plan origination platform that enables online negotiation of healthcare reimbursement right from a hospital bed.

Thanks to a flexible user interface, personalized payment plans, and painless debt collection, Health.Finance helps customers modernize their offerings while retaining patient loyalty and engagement.

  1. Workforce optimization 

    Health.Finance customers do not waste business hours dealing with insurance officers, loan managers, debt collection agencies, and other intermediaries — instead, the fully-automated system of healthcare funding lets them lessen some efforts of the employees involved in call centers and paperwork.

  2. Accessibility

    After signing up for the Health.Finance platform, a patient can file customizable templates for a personalized payment plan.

  3. Data protection and privacy

    Health. Finance operates on the AWS Cloud infrastructure, compliant with SOC 2, Availability & Confidentiality Report, and ISO 27018 Personal Data Protection, so you can rest assured — personal data is safe with us.

Distinctive features
  • Smart underwriting

    The combination of Machine Learning and alternative data sources embedded into underwriting models of Health.Finance enables intelligent credit scoring of borrowers.

  • Millennial-friendly technology

    Heath Finance delivers full-fledged benefits of omnichannel communication and pay-as-you-go services to the healthcare industry, addressing the growing millennial segment of the market that actively considers digital means to support their needs.

  • AI-driven predictive capabilities

    Health.Finance will ultimately guide you to the less risky applicants, facilitating decision-making with enhanced analytics. However, the final decision whom to fund is always yours.

  • 300+ million consumer database

    Once a loan application is sent, a patient's financial background is verified and automatedly rated based on credit data of more than 300 million consumers acquired from repositories.

Business benefits
  • 89% of patients were able to pay at POS

  • $76.000 past-due accounts collected

  • 65% recovery rate of collection bills

  • High HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores equate to 9-10% margins (2x avg.)

  • Seamless integration with GE Healthcare

  • Amazon Lex/Alexa voice assistants

Today, nearly three-quarters of Americans with health insurance expect access to healthcare providers to be as smart and easy as online banking.

Armada Labs listens to their needs. They harness modern technology to help healthcare providers modernize their offerings, so people have a better chance of leading longer and healthier lives.

Frank Massi,

President of Digital Patient Engagement

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