Automated SME Lending Platform

A NY-based SME Lending company.
Business challenge

The client needed an automation software that could meet the current standards of the lending market. At the time, all the client’s staff had to manually perform loan-related tasks, which took them much time to handle a single loan request. The current web application was used only as a database because of its functional limitations.

Project key facts
  • The U.S. market, the merchant cash advance sector
  • Web application
Software Development Model

The client set clear goals that they expected to achieve with the new solution as follows:
  • Minimize manual input
  • Decrease default rate
  • Make operations more transparent
  • Increase profits
Technology Stack
Front-end: Angular 8, TypeScript
Database server: MS SQL Server
Back-end: .NET Core, C#
Tools: Visual Studio 2019, JetBrains Rider, JetBrains WebStorm, JIRA, Confluence, SQL Server Management Studio, Profilers, VS Unit Tests, Browser Development Tools, Visual Paradigm Agilian, Balsamiq Mockups, Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver


After performing comprehensive research of the client’s business strategy and competitive environment, we planned, designed, and delivered a universal and highly secure custom loan automation system. The solution was built to meet the requirements of all the parties involved in loan processing. Further, we review the possibilities provided for each user group


  • Configure loan products
  • Configure automatic underwriting process
  • Leverage advanced reports
  • Control automatic payments


  • Make quick loan applications on the website
  • Use automatically generated payment plans
  • Be charged automatically and monitor advanced statistics
  • E-sign contracts


  • Create deals and track their history


  • Fund deals
  • Place deals on the market and encourage other funders to participate in those
  • Participate in other funders’ deals
  • Receive payments automatically from the system to their bank accounts
  • See the statistics on their deals


  • Participate in funder’s deals
  • Receive payments automatically from the system to their bank accounts
Distinctive features
  • AI-driven advance management
  • Integrates with 3rd-party credit bureaus (such as Experian, ACH Provider, Equifax, and others)
  • Integrates with Plaid and DecisionLogic, the services for retrieving histories of bank statements
  • Works with alternative underwriting data
  • Automated KYC & AML compliance
  • Identity authentication with LexisNexis

Business results

The developed solution helped the client achieve significant milestones in their operation, in particular:

  • Cut the time spent to process a single loan request by 70%
  • Give out 50% of advancements directly to merchants
  • Cut salary expenses by 60%

The above results prove that the client’s loan origination procedures became more streamlined, with reduced manual input, lower default rates, more rational fund distribution, and increased profits.

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